Longji rice terrace fields


Welcome to Shenyang Adventures! This is a blog about my experience of teaching English in China (August 2014-2015). I was based in a City called Shenyang, with a population of roughly 8 million people. Shenyang is a City based in North Eastern China and is the capital of Liaoning province.

My adventures are split into two sections: living and working in Shenyang and Travelling China.

Living and Working in Shenyang – Here you can read about my day to day life in Shenyang, including the things I have done, the places I love and the rewarding and more complicated elements of expat life.

Travelling China– Here you can read about the places outside of Shenyang that I have been lucky enough to visit.

The world is a book and those who do not travel only read one page – St Augustine